Library Acquisition of Materials on Modern Japan-China Relations at NICHIBUNKEN

This year NICHIBUNKEN has acquired two large collections of materials on modern Japan-China Relations. One is from the former Research Center for the History of Japan-China Relations, another from the private collection of late Kazutaka Unno, Honorary Professor of Osaka University. Research Center for the History of Japan-China Relations was founded in 1995 at the occasion of 50th anniversary of WWII's end by Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to support for historical research, including the collection and cataloging of historical documents and support for researchers, to enable everyone to face squarely to the facts of history. This project has ended in 2004 after 10 years activity, and all the resources were moved to NICHIBUNKEN in February. Unno Collection including old rare maps of China is donated to us by famous geographer Kazutaka Unno. In March Professor Unno has proposed the donation of his map collection, but unfortunately in the process of negotiation he has passed away in May. After his demise, his family proposed the donation of all the materials in his private library including maps, books, journals and photos, so we received all of them and named Unno-Bunko. This presentation will be on the contents of these collections and their future use through the Internet.

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