The Kanbun Database at Nishogakusha University

I would like to introduce the database for Japanese Kambun (Chinese Classic) Studies as a part of the 21st COE program entitled “Establishment of Global COE for Japanese Kambun Studies” at Nishogakusha University.

Research concerning Japanese Kambun has up until now been spread out over different fields such as theology, history and literature. It is therefore necessary to create a reference system for Japanese Kambun as a whole.

The purpose of this program is to introduce Japanese Kambun research and to build a global structure of investigation. There are databases for Japanese Kambun.

  • Database for existent literature
  • Database for index of works
  • Database for works of Japanese Kambun
  • Database for Standard works of Japanese Kambun
  • Database for biographies of Japanese medical doctors
  • Database for works of Kambun literature in the Edo period
  • Database for Chinese poem literature in the Edo and Meiji periods

The first two databases have been accessible on the web as “The databases for Japanese Kambun studies” since March 2006. The search engine includes distinction between standard and classic Chinese characters as well as furigana of author names and titles for researchers who are non-native in Japanese or Chinese.

In sum, we would like to obtain the opportunity to exchange information with researchers through the introduction of the databases mentioned above.