Resources and services of the new Japan Foundation Information Center Library

In the beginning of April 2006, the newly renovated Japan Foundation Information Center (JFIC) Library was reopened to the public. In addition to the conventional services offered by the former Japan Foundation Library for researchers of Japanese studies, the JFIC Library has now expanded its functions to become a clearinghouse of general information on international exchange and cultural policies, as well as on Japanese culture. The JFIC Library also plays an important role in coordinating 18 overseas libraries in regard to reference support, ILL services, and negotiating license contracts of Japanese databases in order to make them available for use in overseas libraries.
The presentation will focus on two topics. One is the resource on Japanese studies provided by the Japan Foundation Information Center Library. The other is a database, “Japanese Literature Translation Search”, which covers Japanese literary works translated into other languages, mostly after World War II. This database was created by the Film, TV, and Publication Division of the Foundation and became available on the web in 2005. It was originally based on the bibliography “ Japanese Literature in Foreign Languages, 1945-1990” which was compiled by the Japan P.E.N.Club and published by the Japan Book Publishers Association. The process of collecting information and issues for dealing with multi-language data will also be introduced.