Elisa Barros
Atelier du Papier

Conservation / restoration of book collection (Materiality of books collections)

This presentation aims to share our practice using papiers and Japanese’s techniques to conserve and to restore library book collections, their materiality. Japanese papers and techniques are now widely used as preservation practices and as archival material around the world. They help extend the life of library artifacts. These papers added to the original materials prolonging the life of these documents. We know that in Japanese art, historical paintings, documents and montage are inseparable. Some Japanese documents are produced on silk or very delicate papers which long-term conservation is difficult. These documents become fragile after some years of handling, numerous postings or frequent utilization of the books. We know that some documents are subject to re-mounting/reassembly after a certain time. Here, we would just to open the discussion about how librarians deal with book conservation in their collection and how it could influence the further research about books materiality.