Ryu Hyeonsook
University of Ljubljana. Faculty of Arts. Lecturer



2016年10月に韓国、2017年4月に日本、5同年月に台湾、10月に中国のコーナーがオープンされた。日本は大使館と日本国際交流基金の支援を受け、JapanKnowledge Libが入っている。また、アジア研究科に寄贈された浜口文庫の一部が入っている。韓国も大使館と韓国国際交流財団からの支援を受けており、Nurimediaのデータベースが入っている。台湾と中国もそれぞれの国の機関からの支援を受けている。



Introduction and Prospects of the East Asia Resource Library at the University of Ljubljana

The East Asia Resource Library (EARL) was established at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. EARL is a library established through a partnership of the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Arts.

In October 2016 the Korean Corner was opened, in April 2017 the Japanese, in May of the same year Taiwanese and in October 2017 the Chinese Corner was officially opened. The Japanese Corner receives support from the Embassy and the Japan Foundation, and enables access to the JapanKnowledge Lib Database. In addition, the Japanese Corner also includes a part of the Hamaguchi Collection which was donated to the Department of Asian Studies, Faculty of Arts.

Similarly, Korean Corner receives support from the Embassy and the Korean Foundation, and enables access to the Nurimedia Database. Taiwanese and Chinese Corners likewise receive support from each of the states’ institutions.

Since one of EARL’s aims is to be a hybrid library, it is attempting to substantialize digital materials instead of materials in book form. EARL does not enable only the use of its materials, but it is also active in organisation of various public performances and events, thus serving as a place where live information exchange can be implemented. Since the first corner opened in October 2016, EARL has already hosted 15 events.

In order for the EARL to construct the foundations to be able to serve as a hub library for research of East Asia in Slovenia, continued efforts and support are deemed as necessary. Owing to the Slovenian national shared bibliographic system anyone can find the listed materials and borrow them through interlibrary loan. To be able to fully use the materials available at EARL, it would be necessary to employ a librarian who is also a specialist of Asian Studies.