Noguchi Setsuko
Princeton university. Japanese Studies Librarian

A report on ephemera collection in medieval Japan at Princeton University Library: Sakuramotobo monjo

In 2015, Princeton University East Asian Library acquired an ephemera collection from the Yoshino region of Nara Prefecture which contains various types of documents from the medieval to the Showa period. Princeton University and the Historiographical Institute of the University of Tokyo (HIUT) conducted a joint research in 2018 and 2019 to investigate about 150 pieces of fragmentary leaves from 14th century to 17th century in the collection. These pieces which seem to have been underlining fusuma (fusuma no shitabari) were cleaned and flattened by the Princeton’s conservator prior to the joint research. Then scholars and specialists of the HlUT examined, organized, and deciphered them. As the result, 20 documents out of 150 pieces were reunited.  Most of them are danna biken and deeds which provide us interesting information on activities related to Shugendo including women’s involvements. The group of documents was named “Sakuramotobo monjo” since many of them were derived from Sakuramotobo, a Shugendo temple located in Yoshino. In this presentation, I would like to touch upon the process leading to the restoration of the documents, the contents, and the meta data creation for digitization.

プリンストン大学図書館所蔵中世日本の古文書の断簡についての報告: 桜本坊文書