Inoue Sayaka
Shibusawa Eiichi Memorial Foundation. Information Resources Center. Librarian

日本(語)資料をつなぐ 『渋沢栄一伝記資料』の活用方法を探る: TEIエンコーディングの試み



現在、本リソースのテキストに、人文学資料を適切にデジタルで表現するための標準策定を目的としたText Encoding Initiative (TEI)のガイドラインによるエンコーディングを試みている。TEIでテキストを整備・提供することにより、単なる「資料集」から、コンピューター・ベースで活用可能な日本語デジタル・リソースとするとともに、データとしての持続可能性も確保したいと考えている。2020年、『伝記資料』に所収される栄一の日記とスケジュール帳を対象に、人文情報学研究者によるTEIテキスト活用のための共同研究に協力する機会を得、成果として「渋沢栄一ダイアリー」がリリースされた。本発表では、本リソースへのTEIの適用と、その活用の可能性について、紹介したい。

How to Connect Japanese Resources: Exploring Use of the Shibusawa Eiichi Denki Shiryo

The Shibusawa Eiichi denki shiryo (Shibusawa Eiichi Biographical Materials) is a 68-volume (published 1955-1971) collection of materials from the life of Shibusawa Eiichi (1840-1931). Eiichi was a businessman and philanthropist, said to be the “father of the modern Japanese economy.” He was involved in roughly 500 enterprises and economic organizations as well as approximately 600 organizations for social welfare. Since its compilation, the Denki shiryo has acted as a dictionary of historical materials as well as a replacement for the primary materials that it contains.

In 2016, the Shibusawa Eiichi Memorial Foundation launched a digital version of the Denki shiryo online to improve public access. Following this, we also launched an English translation of the content summaries. The goal is to improve access to and usability of an important resource on Shibusawa Eiichi as well as provide a convenient tool for research on the social conditions of modern Japan (companies, individuals, culture, etc.).

The next step is to employ TEI encoding on the Denki shiryo. The hope is that preparing and providing the text in a machine-readable format will turn the Denki shiryo from simply a “collection of materials” to a computer-based Japanese digital resource with increased and improved sustainability as well. In 2021, We had the opportunity to collaborate with digital humanities researchers on joint research for the utilization of texts through TEI encoding. As a result, “Shibusawa Eiichi Diary” was launched online. This presentation will focus on the challenges to the application of TEI and the possibilities of its utilization.