Yulia Mikhailova
Hiroshima City University. Professor Emerita

Japan Related Materials in the State Archive of Russian Federation

In this presentation I would like to attract your attention to materials housed in GARF (State Archive of Russian Federation). The archive was created in 1992 and is a successor of the Central State Archive of October Revolution, Central State Archive of Russian Federation and some others. Japan related materials may be found in the following depositories: Soviet-Japan and Japan-Soviet Friendship Societies, Soviet Committee for Peace, Soviet Committee for Solidarity with Asian and African Countries and materials of International Conferences for Prohibition of Nuclear and Hydrogen Weapons. So far this archive materials were used by some Russian and American scholars for the study of Soviet Society for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries in the interwar period, but postwar materials have not been much used, though they contain some useful information on how Japan and the Soviet Union perceived each other.

It is the idiom of the day that Japan’s post-war pacifism is now crumbling. There are no more peace lessons at schools and my grandchildren have never heard about peace movement in Japan. I want to familiarize you with materials from the Soviet archives which belong to the time of Cold War and contain information on Japanese and international anti-nuclear movements, organizations and people who participated in this activity. They demonstrate a somewhat ironical thing: in matters of security US was Japan’s main ally, while in matters of peace Japan coordinated efforts with the Soviet Union. What has changed?