Ekaterina Asadova
Margarita Rudomino All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature. Main librarian

Japanese language collection of literature in the All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature

This analysis serves the purpose of informing Japanese resource specialists of a Japanese language collection of literature in the All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature which is considered to be one of the most prominent and valuable libraries in Russia. 

Founded by famous Russian librarian Margarita Ivanovna Rudomino in 1922, the All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature (also known as “the Foreigner” for short) has become home for books in more than 140 foreign languages including extinct and rare languages. The Japanese language collection consists of almost 26 000 books and 76 periodical series in various fields of knowledge, such as sociology, politics, economy, etc. The first books started to appear within the walls of the library in the early 50s. From the very beginning, it was decided to collect new books – latest novels from Japanese writers, up-to-date research papers and publications from Japanese specialists, Japanese translations of Russian classical and contemporary literature, etc. 

Despite all this, presently, the collection’s existence stays mostly unknown not only to foreign researches abroad but also to those conducting researches in Russia. An oral survey elucidated the problem of the collection’s “invisibility” to both Russian students and academic researchers alike. Although the contents of the collection are mostly comprised of XX-XXI century literature it still can prove itself useful to many Japanese resource specialists. This analysis pursues several objectives: 1) to outline the general state of the Japanese language collection of “the Foreigner”; 2) to show main obstacles and problems that the collection has to face; 3) to make it more open to the public knowledge; 4) to incorporate the collection in the international Japanese resources network so it can serve its main purpose.




なお、このリサーチの主な目的は、1) 全ロシア国立外国文献図書館の日本語文学コレクションの現状況を把握する; 2) コレクションの主な問題を示す;3) コレクションのアクセシビリティを高める;4) コレクションを日本の国際リソースネットワークに統合させるということにある。