Hata Yuki
Nagoya University. Postdoctoral Researcher

Yasui Mihiro
Nagoya University. Graduate Student

"Kuzushi-ji seminar" by Japanese young researchers: for a building a network of Japan humanities research in Europe

This presentation describes the purpose and methods of the "Kuzushi-ji seminar" held in France and Germany funded by JSPS. The purpose of this seminar is to train young researchers in Europe how to decipher Japanese manuscripts, picture scrolls and printed books archived at European libraries and museums. The first session was held at Strasbourg University in January, 2018, and the second at Heidelberg University in May. A third is planned for October at the French School of the Far East.

This seminar has three distinctive features:

  1. The seminar is for graduate students at European universities, and is held weekly or bi-weekly, according to the schedule of the host university.
  2. The lecturers are Japanese young researchers, whose areas of research range from setsuwa, otogi-zoshi, and kibyoshi to Japanese music history. Through their combined research expertise, they help create a curriculum with great variety.
  3. In the seminars student read Japanese manuscripts in European libraries and museums, for instance, at Ceeja, the Linden-Museum, and the National Library of France. This helps them to develop skills they will need to contribute to Japan Studies in the future.

In sum, this project creates opportunities for young Japanese and European researchers to work together on groundbreaking research with materials at European archives. This presentation, therefore, introduces methods and results of the seminars to date. The seminar itself is funded by the JSPS Program for Advancing Strategic International Networks to Accelerate the Circulation of talented Researchers "Building a network in Europe through cutting edge research on Japanese picture books from the late Muromachi to Edo periods, Nara e-hon, and Edo period illustrated manuscripts."





  1. 現地大学院生を対象とし、1~2週間に1度、継続的に開催されていること。
  2. 講師は日本人若手研究者が務めていること。また、彼らが説話、御伽草子、黄表紙、音楽史に至るまで、各自の研究テーマも生かしながら、バラエティに富んだ授業を進めていること。
  3. CEEJA、リンデン博物館、フランス国立図書館など、西欧に所蔵される未翻刻の絵巻・版本をテクストとして用い翻刻することにより、西欧における今後の日本学研究に貢献し得ること。