Ogawa Naru
National Diet Library. Chief, Exhibition Planning Section, Service Planning Division, Reader Services and Collections Department

国立国会図書館の新しい電子展示会: パブリックドメイン資料の活用


著作権保護期間満了の画像のみを使用し、サイト自体をCC BYにすることで、誰でも気軽に利用しやすいコンテンツとなっており、SNSでの情報発信も積極的に行っている。著名な浮世絵だけではなく、模様や図案、江戸時代のかわいい画像も人気を博しており、反響が大きいテーマは速やかに関連資料や類似テーマを追加している。日本の四季や季節の風物詩、風景などの画像も数多く掲載し、一般にあまり知られていなかった日本文化を発掘し、広める側面も有している。



New Digital Exhibitions at the National Diet Library: Utilizing Public Domain Materials

The NDL Image Bank is a digital exhibition of beautiful and enjoyable images from the National Diet Library's collection. In this system we can add selected images from the digitized collection of over 3 million items by specific themes. After launching the service in March 2022 with approximately 1,500 images, as of April 2023, over 7,000 images have been introduced in over 120 themes and over 40 columns.

By using only public domain images and providing the entire site under a CC BY license, the content is easy for anyone to use, and we are actively disseminating information on social media. Along with famous ukiyoe, patterns, designs, and cute images from the Edo period are also gaining popularity, and related materials and similar themes are promptly added for themes that receive a strong response. The NDL Image Bank also features numerous images of Japan's seasons, seasonal customs, and landscapes, and has an aspect of discovering and promoting little-known Japanese culture.

It is based on one of the key projects of our vision, "Providing access to information in support of individual study" and the content has the potential to broaden the base of Japanese studies and to grow in response to requests from researchers.

In addition to the NDL Image Bank, the NDL has released various digital exhibitions such as Portraits of Modern Japanese and Kaleidoscope of Books, which are used in a wide range of settings including media and educational institutions. Examples of such utilization and efforts related to physical exhibitions will also be presented.