Stella Zhivkova
Sofia University. Professor

A Newly Discovered Private Ukiyo-e Collection in Bulgaria: Thoughts against the Backdrop of Existing National Gallery Owned Collections

Beginning in 2020, the author worked on identifying a private collection owned by Turkey-based Italian architect Pietro Montani whose tenure as Chief Architect of Eastern Rumelia (presently – South Bulgaria) was the reason he started living in Bulgaria in 1885. 

The collection consists of 50 ukiyo-e paintings and a printed textile sample. For more than 150 years it has been in possession of Montani's grandchildren who vaguely knew details about the value of the leather-bound album that contains the collection.

Preserved in excellent quality, the album contains Utagawa Hiroshige III,  Utagawa Yoshitora, Utagawa Yoshiiku, Ikkosai Eirin, Shosai Ikkei and Tsukioka Yoshitoshi.




色鮮やかで素晴らしい保存状態のものばかりで、歌川芳虎をはじめ、落合芳幾・一港斎永林・3代 歌川広重・月岡芳年作の作品を含めている収集である。