Koyama Noboru
Satō Yōko
Shimane University Library. Library staff

"Obei Bijutsu Angya", the Kuwabara Collection, Shimane University Library Digital Collections: Resources for the Internet Age

Digital collections of rare resources are very important for the internet age, particularly from relatively remote libraries and museums as geographical obstacles to their access can be overcome through the internet.  As one of the users who has enjoyed the convenience of these resources, Noboru Koyama would like to introduce "Obei Bijutsu Angya" ("The Pilgrimage of Art in Europe and America"), a book-form manuscript (12 volumes) written by Kuwabara Yojiro, a scholar of Japanese arts and crafts from Matsue City.  Kuwabara came to Europe for the Japan-British Exhibition in 1910 and after that, he travelled in Europe and North America for three years, visiting museums, art galleries and individual collectors of Japanese art.  While he was in England, he was invited by private collectors to investigate and evaluate their collections and his records on their private collections are particularly interesting.

Yoko Sato would like to introduce the Kuwabara Collection and other important digital collections from Shimane University Library in Matsue City via "Zoom" from Japan.  The main topic is the collection consisting of approximately 3,000 items, for example Yojiro Kuwabara's own manuscripts and the books collected by him.  The digital archive includes not only materials owned by Shimane University, but also materials owned by museums, libraries, and other institutions in Shimane and Tottori prefectures (which were annexed to Shimane Prefecture from 1876 to 1881), as well as private collections.  The introduction of IIIF, certified content, and the revision of the license for secondary use of images support both internal and external research.  Sato will also refer to Shimane University Library’s policy, plan and other issues of digitalisation in general.

Our joint presentation, both in person and through zoom, aims to show how to provide and use digital resources for Japanese studies in the cyber age. 

『欧米美術行脚』、桑原文庫、島根大学附属図書館デジタル・コレクション: インターネット時代のリソース