Fuse Rie
University of Helsinki. University instructor

Possibilities and Challenges of Interdisciplinary Collaborative work on Japanese Resources:  The Case of the Special Course Kuzushi-ji Seminar at the University of Helsinki

This paper aims to present the case of the Special Course Kuzushi-ji Seminar at the University of Helsinki during the 2019–2020 academic period, and discusses its results, contributions and challenges. This course was conducted at the University of Helsinki’s Master Programme of Languages based on the Kuzushi-ji seminar offered by the Nagoya University in autumn 2019.

Through this course, four main results have been achieved. First, seven complete articles were published from the collaborative work among students and teachers. One of the examples is a joint report with Keio University’s Prof. Mayumi Tsuda on a Gōkan Book, Kanadehon chūshingura, owned by Finnish National Library. Second, the students and the teacher arranged the Japanese collection’s exhibition at the Finnish National Library, which led to further result that books in the Japanese collection have been electronically catalogued. Third, the work of publishing lectures at the seminar brought an opportunity to translate advanced knowledge of premodern Japanese studies into the Finnish language. Last, the organizer of the course recognised strong interest towards Japanese literature in Finland, and Hata and Fuse, responsible persons of the seminar, are currently planning a further event ‘Japanese literature and food’.

The presentation also discusses the challenges in planning and conducting the interdisciplinary collaborative work. These include challenges caused by the diversity in the different disciplines involved, the lack of a pedagogical framework to utilise interdisciplinary collaborative work, challenges to cooperate with organisations outside of university and financial constraints.


本発表では、2019-2020年度にヘルシンキ大学で開講された特別コースずし字セミナーの成果と課題を紹介したい。特別コースは、2019年10月開催の名古屋大学によるヘルシンキ大学くずし字セミナーを基に計画された。セミナー計画について、2019年EAJRS学会で責任者の畑有紀(現在 新潟大学所属)と共に報告した。