Hayami Kaori
Shinshu University. Professor
Miyamoto Yukiko
Shirayuri University. Associate Professor







The Present State of Use of Classical Texts Using Public Images: An example of joint research at the National Institute of Japanese Literature

In recent years, many institutions have begun to make images and bibliographic information of their collections available to the public via the Internet. This has greatly reduced the amount of labor required for bibliographic research and facilitated comparison of books using images. Nowadays, interest is shifting to what is possible in terms of practical research using these publicly available images.

The NIJL has been aiming to make images of approximately 300,000 classical works available on the Kokusho DB since 2014 as part of the Historical Classics NW Project. The NIJL`s joint research project, “Development of ICT-based Educational Programs Based on Images of Classics” is attempting to use the Kokusho DB to develop educational materials for learning about classical knowledge and the local history and culture associated with it in a fun way.

In this presentation, we will introduce the works taken up in this joint research and examples of their use. First we will describe “Kisoji Meisho Zue” and “Zenkoji Michi Meisho Zue” which were used in the Sugoroku teaching materials being prepared as practical materials for educational settings.

Second, we will discuss “Gen Ga En” which was adopted as the material for the Karuta created as a visual resource. In this book, proverbs are illustrated in the soft style of Kuwagata Keisai. We believe that this book can be used not only to learn about proverbs, but also as a teaching material for reading kuzushiji characters. We would like to report on these two cases and discuss the possibilities for research using public images.