Isomae Jun'ichi
International Research Center for Japanese Studies. Professor

Promoting Digital Humanities through International Team Research: A Study of the Beginning and End of the Modern Japanese Nation-State Using the IRCJS Collection of Letters to Tetsujiro Inoue and the Seita Toma Archive

This presentation introduces an international collaborative research project, digital humanities research on the beginning and end of the nation-state, which is being conducted by the team research of the International Research Center for Japanese Studies (IRCJS).

There are two kinds of our research materials. The first is 140 letters to Tetsujiro Inoue in the collection of the IRCJS Library, a resource for examining the beginnings of the Japanese nation-state. Inoue Tetsujiro (1856-1944) was a professor of literature at Tokyo Imperial University, a scholar of the history of Japanese philosophy, and a well-known ideologue who supported Japanese imperialism in its formative period.

The second is the 15,000-piece Seita Toma Archive maintained by the presenter. Seita Toma (1913-2018) is a leading Marxist historian in postwar Japan and a well-known scholar of the nation formation in ancient Japan and the shaping of ancient East Asian world. His archive consists of correspondence, diaries, research notes, and books in his collection. His activities date back to the prewar 1930s, and he had conducted practical research on the demise of the capitalist state, including the struggle against American colonialism in the postwar period and consideration of the future of the socialist state.

Both Inoue and Toma formed their thought in dialogue with East Asian and Western philosophers. To organize the materials and publish a digital catalog with explanatory notes, this project will collaborate with the National Museum of Japanese History in Japan, and also with UCLA, Seoul National University, the University of Zurich, as a base for research in each language. We hope to make this archive available to a wide range of researchers, not only those who use Japanese, in order to achieve the internationalization of Japanese studies.

国際共同研究を通したデジタル・ヒューマニティーズの研究推進方法 -- 日文研所蔵・井上哲次郎宛書簡と藤間生大アーカイブを通した、近代日本国民国家の始まりと終焉の考察