Linas Didvalis
Vytautas Magnus University. Associate professor
Arvydas Kumpis
Vytautas Magnus University. Lecturer

"RITOJA.LT" – a website dedicated to the history of Japan-Lithuania relations

This presentation will be dedicated to share the insights of the implementation of the RITOJA.LT project, to discuss its importance and to present the usage of Japanese resources for wider audience.

RITOJA.LT is a project which was managed by AzijaLT and carried out together with East Asia specialists from Vytautas Magnus University. It was launched on the 25th of April of 2022 as a part of events, dedicated to 100th year anniversary of beginning of diplomatic relations between the two countries. 

One of the main features of RITOJA.LT is that it contains scholar research presented popularly. There were no designated sites for this matter and while the bilateral relations keep developing, the need for such a tool kept on growing as well. Various resources were used to cover the topics: pictorial and documentary archival materials from both, Japan and Lithuania, historiographic research, statistical data. Thus, this website aims to present Japan-Lithuania relations from different angles, like historical, diplomatic, cultural, people-to-people exchange, etc. Therefore, RITOJA.LT connects a variety of possible Japanese resources for multiple ways of use. 


RITOJA.LTは、AzijaLTが運営し、Vytautas Magnus Universityの東アジアの専門家と共同で実施したプロジェクトです。2022年4月25日、日韓国交樹立100周年記念イベントの一環として開始されました。