Takagi Kayako
Vytautas Magnus University. Department of Cultural Studies. Assistant

A report of utilization of library resource for Japanese language class activity in Vytautas Magnus University

Vytautas Magnus University possesses approximately 7,000 items in Asian Books Space at main library of university, however, it is quite low frequency of use by Japanese language students. There were 40 students in the second-basic and intermediate level of Japanese language classes, and only three of them had borrowed books in 2017. According to the students’ interview, it was found that they felt lots of difficulties to start reading ones written for native Japanese speakers and most of them gave up finding books which suit their own Japanese proficiency.

In intermediate level of Japanese language class, the class activity utilized with library resources has been introduced in order to improve reading and writing skills and to encourage students more often to use Japanese resources in the university’s library which is one of the easiest to access. This presentation is going to report the process of the activity’s introduction, its result, and challenges for further Japanese language classes in Vytautas Magnus University.