Anastasia Petrova
Russian Academy of Sciences. Institute of Oriental Studies. Researcher

"Zoku Honchō Ōjōden" as a source on the history of Pure Land Buddhism

The presentation will discuss "Zoku Honchō ōjōden" ("Continuation of the biographies of Japanese reborn into the Pure Land“), composed in 1101-1111 by Ōe-no Masafusa as a sequel to “Nihon ōjō gokurakki” (“Japanese Accounts of Rebirth into the Pure Land”) by Yoshishige-no Yasutane. This text contains 42 biographies of people who were believed to attain rebirth in the Pure Land. Problems to be analysed include a view of the Pure Land practices presented in this texts; similarities and differences between "Zoku Honchō ōjōden" and "Nihon ōjō gokurakki"; discussion on possible sources of Pure Land thoughts expressed in this text.