Arvydas Kumpis 
Vytautas Magnus University. Centre for Asian Studies. Librarian (VMU Library), teaching assistant (Department of Cultural Studies), senior coordinator (Centre for Asian Studies)

Databases created by users : accumulation, storing and dissemination of information about Japanese studies

Japanese studies in Lithuania are still developing, just as the resources for it. Having insufficient amount of resources in Lithuanian language, VMU Centre for Asian Studies has started few unique projects like website for self-learning the Japanese language ( and online Japanese-Lithuanian dictionary ( (both were supported by Japan Foundation) were created by professionals and Japanese language specialists. But other two projects are carried out implementing the users – students of Japanese studies, also from other specialties. These projects are of wider scope and are dedicated to all East Asia. The Glossary of East Asia ( and (also supported by Japan Foundation) are aimed at wide audience, are multi-purposed and most importantly, provided highly needed essentials of Japanese studies. In the presentation, I shall share the experiences of administration of the websites, good practices, drawbacks and prospects of such projects.