Fuse Rie
University of Tampere. Faculty of Communication Sciences. PhD candidate

Effective ways to access Japanese newspapers and magazines in Finland

Accessing Japanese materials effectively is one of the most important tasks for researchers who conduct their research on Japan. This paper focuses on a case of researchers who conduct their study on Japan in academic institutions outside of Japan. Although researchers may have various opportunities to visit Japan for their research through the support of academic institutions and funding bodies, material collection can be hindered by limited time, high costs and restrictions in access. It is obvious that most materials could be more easily accessed in Japan. However, not all researchers who are affiliated with foreign academic institutions have the right conditions to conduct material collection in Japan; some might not be able to obtain enough time and financial resources to stay in Japan in long term for the purpose of collecting materials.

This paper discusses effective methods to access Japanese newspapers and magazines in Finland by utilizing digital strategies. First, the paper presents available databases to remotely access Japanese newspaper articles in Finland, such as Nordic Information Resource Portal for Asian Studies (AsiaPortal) by the Nordic Institution of Asian Studies and the National Diet Library Online Public Access Catalog (NDL-OPAC). Second, it shows some supportive methods to obtain copies of Japanese magazine articles in Finland, using online services by NDL and Web OYA-bunko. Last, the paper discusses problems and solutions with regard to using digital strategies to access Japanese materials from abroad, particularly the difficulty of accessing popular magazine articles, and a case of researchers who are not affiliated with Japanese academic institutions. The paper aims to contribute to effective ways to access Japanese materials outside Japan, particularly in Finland.

日本国外在住研究者が効率的に日本の新聞雑誌へアクセスするためには : フィンランドの事例