Mizusawa Hikari
Japan Center for Asian Historical Records. Researcher

Improving JACAR’s search system

Japan Center for Asian Historical Records (JACAR) is a digital archive of Asian historical records. JACAR has built and operates an online database for releasing Asian historical records concerning modern Japanese relations with other countries, particularly those in Asia. The documents of the archive are provided by the National Archives of Japan, the Diplomatic Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, and the National Institute for Defense Studies of the Ministry of Defense of Japan. As of March 2017, JACAR has released more than 30 million document images of over 2 million items. This presentation will introduce how documents are accessed with improved JACAR search functions owing to the JACAR Glossary and a supplementary dictionary. The JACAR Glossary allows users to navigate archival records with search terms. Users can browse by subject and can also find documents with chronological tables, maps, and information on organizations. Alternatively, users can perform searches assisted by specifying a supplementary dictionary that checks for synonyms, related words, or alternative spellings that may have been initially overlooked. These spelling related search functions can be accessed by clicking on the option of “Dictionary words”, which can also be hidden with an additional click.