Masui Yūko
National Institute of Japanese Literature. Center for Collaborative Research on Pre-modern Texts. Center Office Sub-Administrator

Komiyama Fumi
National Institute of Japanese Literature. Center for Collaborative Research on Pre-modern Texts. Classical Books Database Section Staff

Sōda Fumiya
National Institute of Japanese Literature. Academic information Division. Library Information Section Staff

Introduction to the Database of pre-modern Japanese works by the National Institute of Japanese Literature

The objective of the “Project to Build an International Collaborative Researcher Network on Pre-modern Japanese Books” was inaugurated at the National Institute of Japanese Literature (NIJL) in 2014. We have continued to promote this project to the present day in cooperation with twenty domestic universities, as well as a number of universities and other institutions overseas.

We have been working towards building a database of pre-modern Japanese books that may serve as a foundation for further research and a place to collect material. Our efforts have culminated in the "Database of Pre-modern Japanese Works." We have gathered approximately 80,000 images as of March 2017.
A large amount of image data, complete with appended bibliographic information, collected by NIJL and other organizations, has been included in this database, and has been published. More data will be added in the future. In addition, in order to promote the utilization of this data, we will provide various functions, aiming to improve search functions and assisting in the reading of pre-modern Japanese books. 

NIJL aims at making all its digital images available as open data as means to make pre-modern books more readily accessible. We have collaborated with the Center for Open Data in the Humanities, and have released various datasets, such as the NIJL dataset. In this presentation, we will introduce our new database and along with issues surrounding the usage of open data.