Nakajima Ritsuko
Japan Science and Technology Agency. 

J-STAGE : a large scale online journal platform in Japan

J-STAGE, one of the largest online journal platforms in Japan is playing an important role in supporting scholarly publishing. Since the service started in 1999, it has been continuously growing and currently provides more than 2,000 journals with nearly 2 million articles. It covers many research categories not only basic science, technology, life science and medical science but also social science and humanity which are increasing rapidly these days.

Its operating system is distinctive as the platform is being developed and operated by Japan Science and Technology Agency, a public organization, while journal publishing is run by publishers which are mainly Japanese academic societies. The publishers are responsible for their own operational policy regarding content, as a consequence, almost 90% of articles are accessible without a subscription and now J-STAGE advocates an open access platform.

The presentation will give an introduction to the J-STAGE services including the contents profile as well as our effort to disseminate Japanese research results to the world.

J-STAGE : 日本最大級のオンラインジャーナルプラットフォーム