The history of Japan as it happened, in English

The Japan Times Archives 1897-2016

The Japan Times has marked its 120th anniversary since the inauguration.

Digital archives now available either with a purchase plan or an annual subscription.

The Japan Times was first published in March 1897, with the backing of Hirobumi Ito and Yukichi Fukuzawa, two key figures in Japan's Meiji Era modernization. It was the first English-language newspaper produced in Japan by Japanese editorial and managerial staff. The Japan Times Archives include every page of every newspaper published since that first issue. Each page has been made searchable through OCR scans. It is now available either with a purchase plan or an annual subscription. In spring 2018, we are planning to release new content from the years 1865-1870 and The Japan Advertiser as an option. In this workshop, we will introduce the contents and operation procedures for The Japan Times Archives.

We look forward to welcoming you at the workshop.

The Japan Times は、1897年3月、伊藤博文、福沢諭吉の支援により、日本で初めて日本人が経営・編集する英字新聞として創刊されました。以来120年にわたる紙面をデジタル化し、全文OCRによるキーワード検索を可能にしたのが The Japan Times Archives です。現在は、購入型と年間購読型のプランからお選びいただけるようになりました。また、2018年春には、オプショナルコンテンツとして1865年から1870年のコンテンツとThe Japan Advertiserの追加コンテンツをリリースする予定です。今回のワークショップではThe Japan Times Archivesの収録内容、操作方法等をご紹介させて頂きます。会場で皆様にお会いできるのを楽しみにしています。

  • What makes The Japan Times special?
  • Over a century of Japan news, reported in real-time in English

Since its establishment in 1897, The Japan Times has covered the news of the nation and the world, from natural disasters and political developments to sports and culture. News articles have also been complemented by myriad opinion columns, editorials and letters, each providing fascinating insights into the minds of those who have lived in and engaged with Japan over the last century.