Maekawa Shiori
International Research Center for Japanese Studies. Specially Appointed Assistant Professor

The Japanese popular culture research project at International Research Center for Japanese Studies

This presentation introduces “The Japanese Popular Culture Research Project" promoted by International Research Center for Japanese Studies as one practical example of digital strategies for the research of Japanese popular culture. This project started with the plan of 6 years from 2016 and aims to provide various resources for the research of Japanese popular culture which is highly interested in Japan as well as in overseas countries in recent years. Resources include four aspects: proposal of a new way of thinking about the Japanese popular culture research, establishment of global research network, construction of databases of popular culture materials, development of educational packages. The presenter is involved in planning for production of a textbook "The History of Japanese Popular Culture (provisional name)" and the construction of a homepage that aims to provide up-to-date information about the four aspects. Since this project has only just started, I will introduce concrete examples of seeking the practices. In addition, I will introduce how to use and provide digital resources for the research of visual advertisement materials in modern Japan as an example of digital strategies to promote the popular culture research, since the presenter specializes in modern Japanese design history.