Noguchi Sachie
Columbia University. C.V. Starr East Asian Library. Japanese Studies Librarian

The Makino Mamoru Collection on history of East Asian film, 1863-2015 at C.V. Starr East Asian Library, Columbia University

The Makino Mamoru Collection on History of East Asian Film 1863-2015  (here after the Makino Collection) was purchased by Columbia University in 2006. When the Makino Collection first arrived from Japan in 2007, there were 906 boxes (approximately 906 cubic feet in total).which contained approximately 14,576 books, 10,028 magazines, almost 2,000 file folders and other items - videos, posters, newspapers, and company records. The total estimate is more than 70,000 items.

The collection focuses on print materials mostly related to Japanese film that were collected over the course of fifty years by former documentary filmmaker and film researcher, Makino Mamoru. Mr. Makino began collecting materials related to Japanese documentary film, and then expanded his collection to cover film theory, movements, censorship, and other non-film materials. Although mainly a collection of Japanese film materials, Mr. Makino broadened his collection to include sources from China, Taiwan, the former colony of Manchuria, South Korea, and elsewhere. It also includes postwar materials and film theory.

Processing began in September 2008, and the archival materials were finished in February 2016, and information about this material can be found in the online Finding Aid. The monographs and most journals are being cataloged for the general collection, and are added to the libraries' online catalog, CLIO on an on-going basis, but the entire collection will be completed in June, 2017. 

This presentation is aimed to inform the entire scope of the Makino Collection after the completion of processing, how to find the items in this collection, finding aid and tools, and how to use the collection.

コロンビア大学C.V.スター東亜図書館蔵 「東アジア映画史資料牧野守コレクション、1863-2015」

コロンビア大学は2006年、「東アジア映画史資料牧野守コレクション、1863-2015」 (以後、牧野コレクション)を購入した。牧野コレクション、906箱(全約906立方フィート)が2007年コロンビア大学に 到着した折には約14,576冊の図書、10,028冊の雑誌、2,000余りのファイルフォールダー、その他、ビデオ、ポスター、新聞、および会社の記録などが含まれていて、全部で約7万点と推計された。


コレクションの資料の整理は2008年9月に開始され、アーカイブ(文書)資料は2016年2月に終了し、この資料に関する情報はオンラインの資料利用案内(Finding Aid)に掲載されている。単行本および雑誌は通常の蔵書として順次目録・架蔵され、コロンビア大学図書館のOPAC、CLIOで検索可能であるが、全コレクションの整理は2017年6月に完了する予定である。