2007 EAJRS conference in Rome: minutes

Minutes of the general assembly of the EAJRS concluding the 18th conference of the EAJRS in Rome.

1. Approval of the minutes of the 17th conference held in Venice, September 2006. No remarks or alterations are noted. Accepted as published in the Newsletter 15.

2. Announcement from Paul Wijsman: Dr. Kuwabara has informed us that she will not be able to host the next EAJRS conference in 2008; due to a number of circumstances. She is however organising a workshop for librarians from to February 2008, to which she invites the members of the EAJRS.

Welcome address Rome 2007


Welcome to the 18th conference of our European Association of Japanese Resource Specialists, hosted by the Istituto Giapponese di Cultura of the Japan Foundation in Rome. The conference has no restricted overall theme, but wants to deal with all matters that concern resource specialists and researchers, in the first place and traditionally those using primary resources, but in point of fact any person doing scholarly work in a Japan related field has a lot to learn at our conference.

New Year's Wishes 2007

Dear Friends and Colleagues, members of EAJRS, After what looked like a prolonged autumn, with exceptionally mild weather, winter has finally set in. It is about time, says the gardener, and I believe him, but it all looks so far away now from the pleasant late summer we enjoyed in Venice. Another year has indeed revolved. We are sending you our best wishes for a peaceful and blissful Christmas time and we wish you on behalf of the board of the EAJRS, a happy and fruitful New Year 2007.