European Association of Japanese Resource Specialists

The European Association of Japanese Resource Specialists (EAJRS) is an association of international character, formed with the purpose of promoting and fostering, by every available means, the development and dissemination of information and resources on Japan available to Europe. To fulfill these aims, the EAJRS holds an annual conference, and performs, supports and promotes other related activities and initiatives.

Candidates for the board

At the general assembly in Oslo last year, we invited new candidates for the board. Two members of the association presented themselves to us. In order to become active board members, they have to be confirmed by a simple majority of votes at the next general assembly in Kaunas. All members of the mailing list are members of the EAJRS and hold the right to vote. In order for you to cast an informed vote, the two candidates have written small self-introductions. You can find them here in alphabetical order:

Background of the EAJRS

In September 1988, following the British Library's ambitious third Oriental Studies colloquium on sources for Japanese studies, European librarians, curators and scholars sought to create an organisation to embrace all who are professionally interested in the provision of resources for the study of Japan. These discussions culminated in 1989 with the establishment of the European Association of Japanese Resource Specialists at a Workshop held in the Staatsbibliothek in West Berlin.

New Year's Wishes 2007

Dear Friends and Colleagues, members of EAJRS, After what looked like a prolonged autumn, with exceptionally mild weather, winter has finally set in. It is about time, says the gardener, and I believe him, but it all looks so far away now from the pleasant late summer we enjoyed in Venice. Another year has indeed revolved. We are sending you our best wishes for a peaceful and blissful Christmas time and we wish you on behalf of the board of the EAJRS, a happy and fruitful New Year 2007.