Abstract: Kamichi Kōichi ; Machi Senjurō (2006)

The Kanbun Database at Nishogakusha University

I would like to introduce the database for Japanese Kambun (Chinese Classic) Studies as a part of the 21st COE program entitled “Establishment of Global COE for Japanese Kambun Studies” at Nishogakusha University.

Research concerning Japanese Kambun has up until now been spread out over different fields such as theology, history and literature. It is therefore necessary to create a reference system for Japanese Kambun as a whole.

Abstract: Egami Toshinori (2006)

Study Sessions on Kuzushiji 「くずし字を読む会」 by Kyoto University Librarians

This presentation reports on 「くずし字を読む会」(Kuzushi-ji wo yomu kai / the study session on くずし字*1 reading) which is held privately among the librarians of Kyoto University.
This session started in September 2003 and has been held about 50 times ever. It is intended to help the members get reading skill of くずし字, mainly 変体仮名(Hentaigana *2), on early Japanese materials. Once or twice a month, some of the librarians join to the session for learning how to read くずし字 and how to use reference resources.

Abstract: Nishino Haruo (2006)

能面 『雪鬼』考


Abstract: Matsuzaki-Petitmengin, Sekiko (2006)

A New testimony on Japan in the Years 1876-1878 : Louis Kreitmann’s Collection of Photographs

Louis Kreitmann, a French army officer, who lived in Japan from 1876 to 1878, brought back from Japan as many as 500 photographs, now held at the Institut des Hautes Etudes Japonaises (Collège de France), Paris.

Many aspects of the cultural changes which characterize the Meiji Era are illustrated by this unique and remarkable collection of documents, some of which will be presented and discussed.

Abstract: Yamamoto Miyuki (2006)

Open Access Archives of French (IAO) Researchers’ Academic Documents

フランス研究者(東アジア研究所員)による学術文献のオープン・アクセス提供について [J]

フランスでは国立科学研究センターがイニシアチブを取り、DSpaceやEPrintに匹敵するオープン・ソースのソフトウェア « HAL » Hyper Article en Ligne を開発した。本発表では « HAL »の紹介と東アジア研究所メンバーの研究論文・文献提供の課題について述べる。

Abstract: Kadokura Yuriko (2006)

Shashi Database: Shibusawa Ei'ichi Memorial Foundation Project Status and Future Prospects

The Shashi Index Database is a core project of the Resource Center for the History of Entrepreneurship, Shibusawa Ei’ichi Memorial Foundation. It aims to make shashi, or published volumes of company history, more accessible and usable.