Abstract: Steen, Tomoko Y. (2006)

Virtual Reference with Japanese Digital Resources

Over the last several years, suggestions to shift our traditional reference activities to the Virtual Reference Desk (VRD) had brought heated discussions among reference specialists in the World. In the United States, for example, a new project group has been formed by the Information Institute of Syracuse, and named the Virtual Reference Desk VRD (http://www.vrd.org/) to promote virtual reference activities through “Ask-a librarian” or “chat” interfaces.

Japanese Imprint on Venitian Paintings Received through Japan Art Catalogue Project

The following Japanese imprint on Venetian paintings that has recently been received through the Japan Art Catalogue Project originally established by ACE Japan, with support from the Japan Foundation, might be of some interest to those attending the upcoming EAJRS Conference in Venice.

Opening address Venice 2006


Dear Ms. Chairperson, Professor Abbiati,
Distinguished professors of the Department of East Asian Studies
Dear Dr. Loretti,

Dear participants, members of the EAJRS,


Abstract: Tollini, Aldo (2006)

The Rediscovery of a Text: the Case of Shôbôgenzô

Shôbôgenzô is the most important and best known work of Dôgen (1200-1253), and a masterpiece not only of Buddhist doctrine and practice, but also a landmark in the history of Japanese thought. It was written over a long span of time, from 1231 to the year of the author's death in 1253. There are known to exist versions that consist of 12, 75, and 95 chapters.