Kotenseki seminar

The National Institute of Japanese Literature (NIJL) and European Association of Japanese Resource Specialists (EAJRS) would like to invite you to the newly inaugurate Kotenseki Seminar. This seminar series covers various topics related to Japanese pre-modern materials. The online lectures will be given by a researcher from NIJL in Japanese. No English translation will be given.

Union Catalogue Database of Japanese Texts (NIJL)

The National Institute of Japanese Literature plans to integrate the "Union Catalogue of Early Japanese Books" and the "Database of Pre-Modern Japanese Works" to provide the new "Union Catalogue Database of Japanese Texts”.

Release date: March 1, 2023 (planned)
Name: Union Catalogue Database of Japanese Texts
URL: https://kokusho.nijl.ac.jp

See here for more details


Japanese special collections catalogued in the Finna search service

The National Library of Finland has two Japanese special collections. In addition, the library’s basic collections also have Japanese books or books in Japanese. Until now, the Japonica collection and the Buddhist collection have only been catalogued on paper, and it has not been possible to access them in electronic search services.


Prof Tsuda Mayumi (Keio University) has organized an online symposium in conjunction with the next conference of the Japanese Early Modern Literature Asssociation. The theme might be of interest to some of you: デジタル時代の和本リテラシー古典文学研究と教育の未来.

Date: 2021年6月12日(土)13:30~15:40

Please find all information on the dedicated website: http://www.kinseibungakukai.com/2021haru_symposium/

EAJS-L: Book History in Japan Seminar and Symposium: Video Recordings

Introduction to Premodern Japanese Books for Art Historical Research

Day 1: Monday 15th March

  • Overview of the History of the Book in Japan  
  • Main Types of Book Binding
  • Book Format Conversion
  • History of Printing in Japan (Temple Prints and Gozan-ban)
  • The Relationship between Manuscripts and Prints

Day 2: Tuesday 16th March