Kotenseki seminar

The National Institute of Japanese Literature (NIJL) and European Association of Japanese Resource Specialists (EAJRS) would like to invite you to the newly inaugurate Kotenseki Seminar. This seminar series covers various topics related to Japanese pre-modern materials. The online lectures will be given by a researcher from NIJL in Japanese. No English translation will be given.

Union Catalogue Database of Japanese Texts (NIJL)

The National Institute of Japanese Literature plans to integrate the "Union Catalogue of Early Japanese Books" and the "Database of Pre-Modern Japanese Works" to provide the new "Union Catalogue Database of Japanese Texts”.

Release date: March 1, 2023 (planned)
Name: Union Catalogue Database of Japanese Texts
URL: https://kokusho.nijl.ac.jp

See here for more details


Consortium for Japanese Textual Scholarship at NIJL

Since its founding in 1972, the National Institute of Japanese Literature (NIJL) has worked to facilitate and encourage research that taps into the vast intellectual resources of the premodern Japanese textual corpus. In furtherance of this mission, there is currently underway a plan to establish a global, interdisciplinary consortium of universities, libraries, museums, and other academic associations dedicated to the study of premodern/pre-1900 Japanese manuscripts, scrolls, and printed booksーkotensekiーwith NIJL serving as its secretariat.

NIJL/EAJRS Kuzushi-ji workshop

The NIJL/EAJRS Kuzushi-ji workshop, regularly held at various places in Europe since 2011, will take place in Paris in February 2019. The workshop is free of charge. If you wish to apply for the workshop, please fill in the attached application form and send it as an email attachment by 16 December 2018 to the following organizers:


EAJRS Kuzushiji workshop in Norwich

I am pleased to announce that the Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures will host a NIJL/EAJRS Kuzushiji Workshop in February 2017. If you would like to attend this workshop, please fill in this form and send it as an email attachment file to Akira Hirano at a.hirano@sainsbury-institute.org by 17:00 GMT on Monday, 31 October.

NIJL/EAJRS Kuzushiji 2014 Workshop at University of Oxford: details

Dear friends and colleagues,
Further to our preliminary call for participation in the NIJL/EAJRS kuzushiji workshop scheduled for March 2014, herewith are further details of the workshop.
The goal of the workshop is to gain practical knowledge of, and first-hand experience in the reading of hiragana-majiribun of the Edo period, at intermediate level.

NIJL/EAJRS Kuzushiji 2014 Workshop at University of Oxford

Dear friends and colleagues,

Following the successful series of NIJL/EAJRS Kuzushiji workshops held in Oxford, Leuven, Zurich, Bonn, and Paris respectively, we are now planning to hold a second Oxford workshop at intermediate level, using歴史資料 as texts. The workshop will be led by Prof Yuichiro Imanishi (Director of the National Institute of Japanese Studies), supported by Prof Koichi Watanabe (NIJL,日本近世史、アーカイブス学専門). This is a preliminary call for participation for those interested. Please make a note in your diary.

Date: 24th - 26th March 2014

Second Kuzushi-ji Workshop - 第二回日本古典籍講習会

Please find here (pdf) the information about the “Second Kuzushi-ji Workshop” organized by the National Institute for Japanese Literature (NIJL) and the Department of Japanese Studies at the Catholic University of Leuven (KULeuven), Belgium (25–27 October 2011).

In case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me (nicholas.peeters @ arts.kuleuven.be).